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July 15, 2008


Thanks for the tips. It looks like I need to find myself a sweater!

Sarah, this is awesome as I am packing away all day today & tomorrow. I can't wait! And so... can you let me know of any great maternity stores close to the hotel?


:O Tube sock! Going to buy them now! ;)

Great tips, Sarah - many thanks from a Jersey girl - now, I still have time and can focus on breaking back into the sweater boxes and hitting the washing machine, hard!


Steph- there may be a Japanese Weekend store on Sutter St...there was a few years ago.MOMs The Word is another cute SF store.I have not been pregnant in 7 years, but I am sure there are fun shops.

Yes - Pamela beat me to it (she's on the East Coast) - Japanese Weekend Maternity is amazing, and it's just over a block up from the BlogHer hotel. Address is 500 Sutter Street. Click here for store info. Walk up Powell to Sutter and it's just to the left, across the street. Hours are Mon-Sat 10-6 and Sun 11-5. Their clothes are super comfy and last longer than most maternity clothes, so they cost a little more, but I wore them constantly while pregnant - well worth it.

Whoops! Time to repack!

Thanks, Sarah.

Great post, Sarah. For SV Mom Group there is also another tip - those pants Sarah advised you to bring will come in handy at the Slide Lounge if you intend to take the slide... or we could wear shorts underneath our skirts like I used to do in 4th grade for the monkey bars. ;-)

These are great tips! I live in the Bay area, and I totally love layers, accessories and great shoes. Though I always have to find a balance between heels and flats. SF has some great fashion finds.

Yep number one rule in SF: layers, layers, layers:-)
I got scared when I saw your number 5 rule:-)LOL
Great article. Agree with everything you said. and yes, H&M is just THE place for lots of cheap and nice accessories.(the one on powell has the bigger selection in SF)

Sarah, this is a GREAT post! I came across this as I am planning a trip to SF...I went there two summers ago b/c my sister lives there, and I can say that all of this is great advice, especially number #5: the tube socks!!! LOL but how do you do it without any socks at all, last time I wore socks almost every day because it was cold, and plus I remember living in tennis shoes or clogs b/c otherwise my feet would die from all that walking on hilly streets!! Wow I CAN'T WAIT to go to SF!!! I really like those style blogs on your site btw :)

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