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November 21, 2008


My fiance says that their baristas are sent to Italy to train during the summers in order to refine their techniques for us Palo Alto coffee fiends.

Clearly I had the wrong summer job when I was in college!

It is located on 419 University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto, across from Borders.

I love this Cafe too for just the reasons you mentioned. Sitting in a cafe with a good coffee is truly part of the experience I miss most about living in Europe. Not to mention those croissants! Now if they only served Angelina hot chocolate....

But is the coffee as good as Coupa Cafe on Ramona? I like to work at the Doge, but the hands down best coffee in town, for me, is at Coupa.

One must need to understand coffee as a substance to understand the difference between Doge and Coupa.

Have the bare essence of coffee which is an espresso, and you will begin to understand the difference between them.

Unfortunately, Coupa is left in the dust.

I think it is a personal choice, but I much prefer Doge. The soy lattes can not be compared. Coffee seems like an art at Doge, but I know folks that feel that way about Coupa too. We are lucky to have choices other than Starbucks in our town.

I just found your blog. Love it as I'm from the Bay Area too and worked for a few years in Palo Alto during the internet boom before moving to Paris. Your posts make me homesick!
Bisous from Paris.

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