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May 29, 2009


The European Union does not ban high fructose corn syrup. However, since 1977, the EU sugar policy regime has employed national production quotas to protect domestic sugar producers by limiting the supply of competitive sweeteners including “high fructose syrup” (sometimes referred to as isoglucose) on the EU market. The goal of the EU sugar policy regime in this respect is to regulate competition afforded by other sweeteners. It is not intended to address other issues like health or nutrition.

High fructose corn syrup is essentially a corn sugar that is nutritionally the same as table sugar. Like table sugar and honey, high fructose corn syrup contains no artificial or synthetic ingredients or color additives.

The American Medical Association in June 2008 helped put to rest misunderstandings about this sweetener and obesity, stating that “high fructose syrup does not appear to contribute to obesity more than other caloric sweeteners.”

Consumers can read the latest research and learn more about high fructose corn syrup at www.SweetSurprise.com.

Audrae Erickson
Corn Refiners Association

Or you can read the truth about High Fructose Corn syrup and what it is doing to our environment from this article in the Washington Post.

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