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March 25, 2010


Yuan Yuan for president!

Thank you Avelinda for, such a wonderful article.I hope that you continue to give us your talented reviews.

My mija Linda you are an amazing daughter. I have always enjoyed watching your every talent. You still have me in awe of what you do. thanks. I enjoyed the article you wrote. Love you Mom

Thank you for this review, the Little Mermaid is a favorite of mine, look forward to checking it out! Being SF bloggers ourselves we are excited to have found yours, look forward to reading more!



Yuan Yuan Tan was amazing as the little mermaid - she is a world class dancer. But the production and stage settings were bizarre and disjointed. The music was not what I had hoped for. I did not enjoy most of this ballet and was tempted to leave during intermission. But I stuck it out and thought the final scene with the mermaid and the poet was stunning...breath taking. Those three minutes in the end made up for the mess that was the rest of this production.

Thank you for reading and for the input everyone. LM@SF: I agree with you about the closing scene. Looking forward to my next night at the ballet!

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