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May 12, 2010


Keys to buying (i.e. winning!) what you want on Gilt Groupe:

1) get on at exactly 12pm EST each day
2) Go directly to the designer you are most interested in (scope out which designers are being sold that day either through the Gilt daily emails or check out the site early)
3) Put in your size (some items don't have every size so this is an easy way to weed out things you won't get)
4) If you like something even a little and might consider buying it, put it in your cart immediately!!!
5) you have 10 minutes to decide if you want that item- spend the next 7 minutes getting what you want in your cart and then decide if you want to keep anything
6) Buy what you really want- and then go back for more (no extra shipping charges if you buy something the same day within like an hour of each other! Love it!)

Here is an invite that doesn't expire-


The models are looking gorgeous

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