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November 01, 2010


this is the most beautiful fashion blog i've ever come across! thank you for your inspiration. what a great idea to look for shirts in the children's department. yellow + polka dots = a very shiny day!

This is a bankrupted company that needs to shutdown already.

Manolo blahniks. Someone says, the designer shoes is the fifth protagonist. Who let actress Carrie so exaggeration to love it, and at 500 - $700 to buy a pair of Manolo blahniks. Remember the scene was robbed Carrie corner, she "with" robbers, cried bitterly:Please don't take my Manolos! really exaggerate, but makes sense..At 40 step outside, said people can accurately and correctly recognized by Manolo Blahnik beautiful curve.

Fashion ring for bags of this "golden accessories" and would never think there is any slight concerns. In the just-concluded Fashion Week 2010 spring and summer, individual enthusiasm for the brand to continue to build ultra-high T's arms this stage the "perfect supporting role." With the development of young fashion, coach handbags were also glow with boundless energy, from the color to reveal the lovely appearance and lively, beautiful pink, peach, or the Department of tassels sway and movement as the infinite and customs, are very deeply fascinated.

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